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  • Kaiti Fleeger

Love the 90’s | Vanilla Ice with DJ Sizzors at Club XL

On Saturday evening, fans began their night by hanging out at Club XL in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania while DJ Sizzors filled the room with their favorite 90’s hits. A set that was scheduled for only an hour turned into nearly four hours due to the opening acts not showing up at the venue.

With a crowd full of mostly 30-50 year olds, it was a pretty relaxed night with only a few of the crowd members getting out of hand before the headliner took over at 11:30pm. As soon as Vanilla Ice stepped on stage, there were screams that rivaled those of the fangirl-filled stadiums I’ve been privy to witness several times in my life. It was a night full of 90’s throwback and what Vanilla Ice promised to be a transportation right back to the block parties of their younger years. Cases upon cases of water were dumped on the crowd and about halfway through the set, fans took the stage and remained there until the show ended.

It was chaotic and energetic and a lot of fun to experience firsthand.


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