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  • Dawn Phillips

LP's 2018 North American Tour in Washington DC

Monday night was packed as three solid bands performed keeping the 9:30 Club’s status as the most happening place in DC!

Kat Cunning is a singer-songwriter, choreographer, and an actress! Kat has a strong sultry voice conjuring up ethereal comparisons to Stevie Nicks; she captivates you with her on stage performance as if you went to see Moulin Rouge. Her powerful voice digs deep into your soul allowing you to feel her passion, thoughts, and vision of her music. Kat owned the stage Monday night leaving concert goers mesmerized as she brought to light her artistic abilities. Kat’s music can be summed up as a pop-soul fusion with baroque arrangements. She is a Broadway actress staring in Dangerous Liaisons, Cirque Du Soleil's Paramour, as well as NYC’s Sleep No More. Catch her songs “Wild Poppies” and “Baby” on Spotify now!

After her performance she hit the main floor chatting it up with concert goers while taking selfies with them. She’s completely down to earth and adores her fans, she spent the entire night with her fans connecting with them.

Noah Kahan is a 21 year old from Strafford, Vermont. When his circle of friends went on to earn degrees; Kahan started diving head first into what he loves. He’s a singer-songwriter with folk-infused earthy music. Kahan has everything you expect from an indie artist, he writes gut wrenching songs that you can relate to. His raw power behind his lyrics is mesmerizing and he does it all acoustically! Kahan’s debut single “Young Blood” was released February 2017. January 2018 Hurt Somebody was released via Republic Records. It’s a passionate, down-to-earth, unraveling of sincere thoughts and intimate feelings that introduces us to Noah Kahan. Kahan's story isn’t unlike the rest of us, he deals with the ups and down of relationships, his own personal doubts and fears about himself and the world.

If her name doesn’t ring a bell to you, search her name on Spotify; Laura Pergolizzi is her actual name; she shortened it to LP after graduating high school. LP has a powerful voice and slays the ukulele. She will reach into the depths of your soul with her music and when she sings acoustically it’s somehow even more soaring and powerful.

Before Monday night I knew little about LP, I was excited to find out who is she and what is she about live? LP is a successful songwriter who co-wrote “Cheers (Drink to that)” by Rihanna, it features a vocal hook by LP. LP's major label songwriting breakthroughs continued as she co-wrote "Beautiful People" performed by Christina Aguilera. The song is featured on the Burlesque: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album. In June 2011, LP co-wrote "Afraid to Sleep," which was performed by NBC's The Voice finalist Vicci Martinez and reached #10 on the iTunes Top Singles Chart.

In September 2011, LP signed a deal with Warner Bros. Records. Shortly after writing and performing “Into the Wild” it was used in the Citibank commercial. That song is infectious, you can’t help but to sing it! Her songs are infectious as is her smile and that Billy Idol-esque lip snarl she has is the icing on the cake! LP has an explosive voice with a ton of range, she goes from singing to whistling and boy can she whistle! Her whistle reminds me of songbirds on a sunny Sunday morning, rounding LP out are those badass dark curls! LP is the complete package: singer-songwriter, plays the ukulele, harmonica and guitar. A well rounded and talented artist.

We’ve all been where LP was at one time, a deteriorating relationship, these are the time that help create the best songs, the singer has the ability to sing from experience as well as from the heart over the pain they’ve endured. LP is no stranger to this scene; “Muddy Waters” is a dark spiritual kind of a twisted gospel if you will, that embodies the sense of dread that leads to an ending relationship, she has a way of bringing you into her life via lyrics. As she sings you find yourself closing your eyes stepping into her soul, before you know it you’re filled with a ton of emotions. “Other People” is your classic kiss-off to an ex. The song is explosive with the first lyrics “We had a love devout without a shred of doubt / We never worried 'bout other people / You broke the spell and wanted something else / Well, go fuck yourself with other people."

Since Monday I’ve been playing LP nonstop, I’m completely hooked on her! As I made my way to the VIP lounge you could feel a sense of empowerment over oneself, like all the fear you felt before just faded away, very few make this kind of impact.


1. Strange

2. Other People

3. Tightrope

4. Up Against Me

5. You Want It All

6. Suspicion

7. Girls Go Wold

8. Recovery

9. Switchblade

10. Tokyo Sunrise

11. No Witness

12. When We're High

13. Free to Love

14. Lost On You

Encore: Muddy Waters | Into the Wild

Kat Cunning

Noah Kahan