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  • Dawn Phillips

Mazie at The Milkboy Art House

The Milkboy Art House in College Park is the happening place to be any day of the week, especially when the Capitals are in the playoffs! I met up with MAZIE and we hit the streets of College Park to do an impromptu photo shoot. I had the pleasure of learning who Mazie is how she came to be and just how down to earth she really is!

At the tender age of nine, Mazie had her first genuine introduction to music via voice lessons. From here, her love of music and performing blossomed. At the age of twelve she started training in jazz and began writing her own music at the age of thirteen! By the time she was fifteen she recorded her first album, she studied classical musical up until her senior year of high school.

Why does she go by the name MAZIE? Mazie is her great grandmother’s name; she has used this name for all musical projects following her first album. Mazie’s influences are Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, Ella Fitzgerald and countless other female musicians.

The Baltimore, Maryland native is a freshman at Drexel University and is signed by MAD Dragon. MAD Dragon is Drexel University’s very own independent record label. Mazie has hit the scene with a huge bang leaving audiences all over wanting more, which was definitely the same thing I felt after her performance.

From the very first note, Mazie sang with pure confidence, her lyrics are catchy, thought provoking, emotional and fun. Her song "oh my god" was released as a single just a few weeks ago. In the #metoo movement we need more songs that impart important messages about consent. The song has already hit over 40,000 views on Spotify! While the poppy, electronic danceable tune may come across as coy, but the lyrics tell an entirely different story. "your hands are out of place get em off my waist do you hear what I say?” and “baby please just know you won’t be taking me home, I think it’s time for you to go”. are incredibly empowering lyrics and I absolute love them!

I was completely blown away by Mazie’s vocal abilities throughout the entire set. Her writing abilities shine with each and every song and she gives you a sense of “I’ve arrived!”

Catch Mazie on Spotify and Band Camp


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