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  • Iris Konstant

Memphis May Fire at The Cowan in Nashville

Amongst the golf-balls and industrial parks which dot the landscape of East Nashville, The Cowan rises from the banks of the Cumberland. A venue which on March 1st was home to native Nashville rockers Memphis May Fire; along with Memphis rockers Savage After Midnight, and North Carolinian rockers He Is Legend. By 7:00 PM on a Friday night, the venue was packed to the brim with fans both young and old alike; all searching to spend the night listening to some good’ol’fashioned metalcore. By the time I stepped through the door at 7:30, it was clear the night had already kicked off; as Savage After Midnight’s set was already in full swing. And by full swing, I truly mean it. As Savage After Midnight seemingly brought boundless energy to the stage; as they swung their guitars ‘round and exuded infectious energy and excitement. When their set had ended, the infectious energy didn’t die down; in fact, it only multiplied as the crowd eagerly awaited, He Is Legend.

He Is Legend are no strangers to The Cowan, seeing as they were here previously with Nonpoint on the “Chaos & Earthquakes” tour. [Which we previously covered here on Photopassed! If you’re interested in reading about He Is Legend’s first Nashville debut, you can read about it here]. Since their debut on the “Chaos & Earthquakes” tour, He Is Legend, has stepped up their production quality; as the whole set seemed much more refined and rehearsed than when they were here last. Granted Schuylar and the rest of He Is Legend still retained their grungy rock’n’roll personas; but this time with a sense of poise. Occasionally, poise will destroy bands who are considered “too grungy” but He Is Legend successfully subverted this trope; as their fans still danced and sang along to songs like “Air Raid” and “Sand.” Amongst the dancing crowd, the vivacious energy still remained as headliners Memphis May Fire had yet to take the stage.

Once Memphis May Fire took the stage, they immediately launched into “Prove Me Right” a classic off their 2012 release, Challenger. Which undoubtedly encouraged the crowd to let loose via one large circle pit at the back of the room. As the night progressed, the circle pit waxed and waned; at one point it even dissipated. As songs like “Miles Away” brought the crowd together in a different way. As it tackled the all-to-familiar topics of loss and sacrifice. A familiar topic, which emboldened strangers to band together in solidarity; even if it each person had a slightly different view. As a general attendee might not relate to “Miles Away” in the same way that lead singer Matty Mullins does. Which to him, is a dedication to the heartbreak he has to endure “each and every time we go on tour.” Even if attendees did not understand “Miles Away” in this sense, they must have understood it in another; as a chorus of voices rose up to sing along with Matty.

Once the final notes of “Miles Away” fell off the tips of everyone’s tongue. Memphis May Fire launched into “The Decieved,” a quick up-tempo song which served to revive the once prominent mosh pit. One which had cropped up amongst the banks of the Cumberland river in a tightly packed venue nestled amongst golf-balls and industrial parks.

Prove Me Right / Sever the Ties / Beneath the Skin / Carry On / The Old Me / Stay the Course / Watch Out / Miles Away / The Deceived / No Ordinary Love / The Sinner / Without Walls / Vices


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