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  • Carl Beust

Ninja Sex Party: A Great Lei in Honolulu

I must say I had no idea what to expect from this concert. I had never heard of Ninja Sex Party, TWRP, or the opening band Planet Booty. I had read that Ninja Sex Party were a “musical comedy duo” but my only exposure to this genre was Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song” and Weird Al Yankovic. I tried to walk into The Republik, in Honolulu, Hawaii with an open mind but I was skeptical.

Planet Booty are a trio consisting of Dylan Germick (vocals/trumpet), Josh Contero (vocals/keyboard), and Rob Gwin (bass/percussion). The threesome, out of Oakland, California, grabbed the crowd’s attention from the start. Germick entered the stage with a disco ball-like covered torso. For thirty minutes the crowd was assaulted with a barrage of electro funk music mixed with R&B and soul, male twerking, and choruses about taking off your pants off. The heavy grooves and lighthearted lyrics had everyone dancing and primed the crowd.

Tupperware Remix Party (TWRP), originating from Canada, are made up of Havve Hogan (drums), Docter Sung (vocals/synths) Commander Meouch (bass) and Lord Phobos (guitar) and perform the entirety of their set in costume. This is a band you must see to believe. Three robot like beings, along with a cat like bassist enter the stage and treat the crowd to hard core disco beats and vocals filtered with a “talk box”. Mixed in to the repertoire are elements of eighties guitar driven rock and synth pop anthems. The music was amazing! The spandex clad members play their instruments masterfully and the crowd loved it.

Ninja Sex Party (NSP) were up next. Formed in 2009 in New York City the musical comedy duo of Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht portray the characters of Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian. The duo have released four discs containing original material and two releases of covers. Their Attitude City disc topped Billboards Comedy Album chart.

As TWERP finished their set the stage faded to black and an animated video appeared across the back of the stage. TWERP returned with Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian and the “Ninja Sex Party Theme” started our crazy ride in which a hypersexual Jewish man and a homicidal ninja would “musically seduce all the hotties.” The crowd went crazy! Danny Sexbang was dressed in a spangled blue spandex unitard and matching cape while Ninja Brian was dressed in black like a…….ninja. Danny Sexbang danced across the stage while the ninja played keyboards, stared like a maniac and flipped off the crowd at regular intervals. Songs such as “Cool Patrol,” “Unicorn Wizard,” “Heart Boner,” and “No Pants Dance” had everyone singing in unison while dancing to the beats provided by TWRP.

After sixty minutes it didn’t seem strange that we had been dancing with this bizarre crew of characters. NSP exclaimed that this was their one hundredth performance and never in their wildest dreams did they ever believe their journey would go so far. The band urged everyone to follow their dreams and grow comfortable with themselves. In the end I am very comfortable to recommend that everyone go see a NSP show. You won’t soon forget this band and you won’t regret you attended the show!

Ninja Sex Party Theme / Cool Patrol / Unicorn Wizard / Bloopy Regga Jam/Butt Love / You Spin Me ‘Round (Like A Record) / Dinosaur Lazar Fight / Haert Boner / Relwase From Kraken / The No Pants Dance / Danny Don’t You Know / Everybody Want To Rule The World / The Hit


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