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  • Iris Konstant

Nonpoint brings Chaos and Earthquakes to The Cowan

A nine-point magnitude earthquake has been shaking venues across the United States, aptly named, the “Chaos & Earthquakes” tour. Brought about by heavy rockers Nonpoint, in celebration of their latest debut album X.

Joining them on this ground-shaking tour were future rockers, Letters from the Fire and hard rockers He is Legend. Although they were from opposing coasts, both artists brought their A-game to The Cowan in Nashville, TN. As they captivated the local crowd with their rowdy antics and electric performances, which only set the tone for the night.

Good times and electric vibes.

The electrifying energy within the room was palpable, as fans both young and old were excited to see legendary rockers Nonpoint. Who are entertainers in the truest form; as from the moment they stepped on stage and launched into “Empty Batteries,” the leading single off their latest debut album, to their final song “What a Day;” they had utterly captivated and engaged the crowd.

And when I say, “engage the crowd,” I truly mean it.

Nonpoint didn’t waste time by following a cut-and-paste formula for engagement instead, they created an atmosphere, unlike any recent concert I’ve been to; which, in turn, drew people in both physically and mentally. As lead singer Elias Soriano had not only invited a child on stage to play drums for one song; but had also invited a fan on stage to sing the chorus of “Breaking Skin.” By ignoring typical concert precedence [where fans are rarely invited on stage], Nonpoint created a genuine experience which encouraged concert-goers to mentally engage with the performance as opposed to their phones; as they could be the next person chosen to sing on stage or be the next kid invited to play drums on stage.

Nonpoint had thus, aptly shaken up any previously held notions of how concerts should go; from joking about snapchat to inviting fans on stage; Nonpoint’s “Chaos and Earthquakes” tour had created a memorable place of celebration, which will live on not only in fans’ minds but Elias’ as well. Seeing as the lead singer broke one of his fingers during the concert!

Empty Batteries / Buscandome / Endure / Circles / Wheel Against Will / Broken Bones / El Diablo / Breaking Skin / Dodge Your Destiny / Chaos and Earthquakes / Fix This / Bullet with a Name

Alive and Kicking / In the Air Tonight [Phil Collins Cover] / What A Day


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