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  • Dawn Phillips

NUEX at the Anacostia Arts Center

The Atlantic Ocean separated these musical geniuses; it would take many years before their worlds would collide.

At the tender age of six after watching the Titanic, something sparked a flame inside Camille. From there she started writing, putting all her thoughts and passion into music because after all, she wanted to be famous - a little girl with BIG dreams! Camille was gifted a guitar which propelled her craft even more, rearranging chords, happy tones, sad moods, blues, jazz and rock. THIS GIRL WAS ON FIRE!

During college Camille used her guitar to compose covers of rap songs, one of her most cherished feats is the Kendrick Lamar acoustic cover.

During this time Camille started collaborating with an EDM producer, which she has many songs to show for it. College found Camille singing the chorus on a song by Grammy-nominated Logic. Camille released her first solo EP Street Cinema in March of 2014, a collection of seven songs featuring her newly found creativity. Two of the songs were acoustic guitar numbers, showing her roots here with the acoustics. After all a true artist will never waiver from their first introduction to the craft.

When Teddy was in the 4th and 5th grade he played the trumpet and tuba, his big break came during 6th grade when the snare drummer didn’t attend the school concert, he filled in and the rest is history going on to be marching band drummer, marching band leader, highschool and college jazz drummer. Teddy ended up starting his own bands as well, after highschool Teddy was fortunate enough to be a part of a few regional and national touring bands. In a freak snowstorm in Pittsburgh Teddy met Eric from Foxy Shazam. Talk about luck, Teddy joined the band and was off to Cincinnati where Teddy worked with them for a stint; the band was signed and Teddy chose to stay in graduate school. Teddy stayed in Califoenia for the next 6 months writing music and then back to the east coast it was!

This dynamic duo wanted the same things, not a band, but a duo! Their worlds collided after an ad was placed on craigslist and it went something like this “hey do you sing? Let’s do music together.” Camille answered the ad, they met formed the duo NUEX and four years later their EP Affectus debuted.

NUEX doesn’t fit into a specific genre, its hip hop, pop, dark (they write about universal themes) as well as synth/house (extreme head bopping will happen). This dynamic duo are contagious, I found myself jamming to their music the entire way home! They are in their own right, talented musicians who will do things their own way, on their own time, in their own way and not be categorized into one genre. Teddy is the instrumental genius; he is an amazing drummer with flawless talent, while Camille belts out those notes like nobody’s business. Camille sings with passion and her voice captivates you from beginning to end leaving you wanting more.


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