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  • Kaylee Smoke


, 19-year-old UK artist Dominic Harrison, is riding the wave of the release of his self-titled debut EP, released on January 19th via Interscope. Yungblud came out to Yonge Dundas Square and brought intense amount of energy breaking into “21st Century Liability,” the title track off of his upcoming debut album release. The fans crowded around, pushing closer to the stage, singing along as Yungblud danced wildly around the stage. Decked out in his famous black and hot pink attire, Yungblud grabbed his pink duct taped guitar and rocked out with guitarist Adam Warrington to their biggest hit “I Love You, Will You Marry Me” as the crowd sang along to every word.

Synthpop hometown lady Lights was up next, and the fans went absolutely crazy. Lights has been touring extensively in the past year to support the release of her latest album, Skin & Earth, so the homecoming was definitely deserved. She started off the set with “New Fears” followed by “Savage” both tracks off of Skin & Earth. In fact, most of Light's set catered to the new album, with only a handful of older tracks peppered in, along with a killer cover of “Believe” by Cher, something my heart didn't even know it needed until it happened. Despite the love for the new album, the energy of the crowd peaked when Lights performed the fan favorite “Up We Go” off of 2014's Little Machines. No one can deny Light's dedication to her craft, creating stories, entire worlds, comics, and even dressing like her character Enaia Jin from the comic book she sketches herself. I mean, Lights it the quintessential Nerd Queen in the best way possible, and we can't wait to see how she keeps evolving her work.

New Fears / Savage / Fight Club / Moonshine / Giants / Believe (Cher cover) / Drive My Soul / Running With the Boys / Up We Go / Kicks / Same Sea / Almost Had Me / Skydiving / We Were Here

Closing out the night was the Glasgow synthpop trio, CHVRCHES. Led by vocalist Lauren Mayberry, the band performed a solid 90-minute set after the sun had long set starting off with their first single off of Love is Dead, “Get Out.” Instantly the crowd was clapping and dancing along, as Martin Doherty and Iain Cook laid the backwork of the poppy tunes. “Bury It” was next, the popular song featuring vocals with Hayley Williams of Paramore on Every Eye Open. The crowd took over for Hayley, and sang along loudly with Mayberry. While the setlist heavily featured songs from their newly released album, fans were treated to early hits like “The Mother We Share” and “We Sink.” Mayberry made sure to interact with her fans, even shouting out to a kid repping a sign that read “I stayed up past my bedtime for Chvrches.”

Get Out / Bury It / Gun / We Sink / Graffiti / Miracle / Never Ending Circles / Forever / Under the Tide / Recover / Leave a Trace / Clearest Blue / The Mother We Share / Never Say Die