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  • Katie Leuenberger

ONE OK ROCK at Rams Head Live in Baltimore

Stunning. Absolutely in awe. This Japanese rock band really stepped out to make this world tour one for the books. With nearly a completely sold out tour, they opened their audience to the energy of Alternative Pop Punk band Stand Atlantic and Waterparks follows suit with a stage presence that turns heads and an eclectic sound that makes you want to dance.

One Ok Rock takes the stage with a powerful entrance and takes over control of the entire room. With three levels in Rams Head Live in Baltimore, all eyes were on them and they didn’t alter. The fans breathed in every lyric of every song, singing along until they lost their voices. Gratitude washed over the venue as the crowd treasured the moment they had with such an amazing band from so far away. This tour is now coming to an end in North America and it really made an impact on those who could attend. I can now sufficiently say that I am a fan as well and cannot wait for them to return. A truly amazing experience.

Push Back / We Are / Clock Strikes / Change / Unforgettable / Head High / Take What You Want / Stand Out Fit In / (Instrumental) / Grow Old Die Young / I Was King / The Beginning / Jaded / Wasted Nights


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