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  • Iris Konstant

Palisades at The End

The End is an infamous dive bar just across the street from the world-famous, Exit/In; yet The End has a charm of its own which attracts artists and bands from across the country. On October 17th, The End attracted New-Jersey based artist Palisades; who are touring in support of their upcoming release, Erase the Pain out December 28th via Rise Records. The aptly named “War” tour, brought artists that are forces to be reckoned with amongst the hardcore scene, artists like: Reece Young, Savage Hands, Dayseeker and of course, headliner Palisades.

Before stepping foot in The End that night, I was unsure of how this night would go. As I had only heard a couple of Palisades songs before tonight; but let me tell you, don’t miss out on this tour. From opener Reece Young’s poignant and relatable lyrics about love and loss to Palisades’ high-energy set; you’re bound to have one hell of a time, even if you aren’t a huge fan!

As Palisades has this allure I haven’t seen from an artist in a long time; maybe it was the socially-conscious bend the band took in the song “Dark.” Where lead singer Louis Miceli stated, “the world can be a pretty scary place but if we stand together then there’s nothing to fear.” Or perhaps it was because Palisades managed to create an environment where you could let loose and dance away your worries to songs like “High-Low.” Regardless of what it was, Palisades created a night that was refreshingly honest and incredibly fun; in every sense of the word.

During their set, Palisades encouraged and stimulated this liberating atmosphere; as Miceli was prone to jumping in the pit and dancing along with fans to songs like Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer.” By breaking down the barriers and ignoring typical concert fashion, Palisades created a memorable night which caused time to fly by; as I was utterly captivated and too busy dancing to even care about the next day.

Even with a limited set production Palisades created an environment where in which time flew by; as the crowd was too busy moving and dancing to even pay attention to their phones or worry about the next day. The only production Palisades employed was a smoke machine; which comedically set off the smoke alarms not once but thrice; as Palisades figuratively burnt The End to the ground with their high-energy performance and created a legendary night for all in attendance.

Palisades’ touring schedule is beginning to wind down; however, you can catch these guys on the 2019 “Truth” tour with Nothing More. Starting February 15th in Toronto, Canada with stops in Los Angles, Denver, Chicago, and Atlanta, Georgia.

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