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  • Iris Konstant

Parkway Drive at Marathon Music Works

When: April 26th, 2018

Where: Marathon Music Works (Nashville, TN)


1. Wishing Wells

2. Carrion

3. Vice Grip

4. Dedicated

5. Boneyards

6. The Void

7. Idols and Anchors

8. Karma

9. Prey

10. Dead Man's Chest

11. Wild Eyes

Encore: Crushed

Bottom Feeder

Bad Omens, Stick to Your Guns, and Australian Metal giants Parkway Drive kicked off their US spring tour in Nashville, TN at Marathon Music Works. In support of their forthcoming album Reverence to be released on May 4th via Epitaph Records.

The spring tour kicked off to a room filled to the brim with electric energy and bold eclecticism; as evidenced during Stick to Your Guns’ song “Married to the Noise” where the circle pit was led by none other than a man dressed in a unicorn onesie.

The infectious energy which drove the circle pits only grew throughout the night. As evidenced by the two circle pits which broke out during Parkway Drive’s song “Idols and Anchors.” Lead Singer Winston McCall noticed, tapped into the unbridled energy, then ran with it; encouraging fans to crowd surf during “Dead Man’s Chest” and “Bottom Feeder.” Oh, and the dude in the unicorn onesie? He made a reappearance during Parkway Drive’s song “Karma.” Where upon request from McCall, he led the pit once again.

Parkway Drive’s set at Marathon Music Works included brand new music from their upcoming debut. Like “Wishing Wells,” “Prey,” and “The Void” but also included older music from their 2007 release Horizons and their 2015 commercial success Ire. Within the crowd, the newest hits weren’t moments where the crowd fell silent. Instead, the crowd eagerly sang along with McCall. By the end of the night, Parkway Drive had successfully tapped into the energy at Marathon Music Works; and managed to get the entirety of the crowd gathered either moving, moshing or crowd surfing to their music.

Or as Bad Omens’ lead singer, Noah Sebastian put it, “let’s leave with a fucking bang.”


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