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  • Melody Timothee

PUP | Falls Apart Tour in Fort Lauderdale

On September 18, PUP played to a large crowd in Fort Lauderdale, just one week into their tour in support of Morbid Stuff. With support from Ratboys, fans were in for a night full of chaos at the Culture Room.

Having been on tour non-stop since April celebrating the release of Morbid Stuff, PUP dedicated a portion of the setlist to the record, kicking things off with the album’s title track, followed by “Kids.” They didn’t shy away from playing fan favorites and older songs, weaving those (and a cover) in with the six new songs in the 16 track setlist.

Morbid Stuff


My Life Is Over and I Couldn't Be Happier

Back Against the Wall

Free at Last

See You at Your Funeral

Sleep in the Heat

Plea From a Cat Named Virtute (The Weakerthans cover)

Dark Days

Scorpion Hill

Guilt Trip

Familiar Patterns


Full Blown Meltdown

If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will


There was an immediate energy in the room when the band took the stage, which they fed off of through the night. Frontman Stefan Babcock didn’t shy away from interacting with fans, since he found his way into the crowd several times throughout the show. PUP’s bond and connection with their fans was evident, as neither of them could keep themselves from crowd surfing all night.

PUP didn’t neglect fans who have been around since the beginning; they ran through older hits like “Guilt Trip” and “Dark Days” from their first record. The crowd was especially loud during these, pumping their fists and causing a ruckus with each other as they sang along. Fans weren’t any less passionate with the new tracks, as the whole room knew every song on their setlist.

The punk powerhouse Toronto natives played at one of South Florida’s most intimate venues and had one of the fullest crowds I have ever seen. Culture Room shows can be hit and miss with attendance, but PUP fans showed up on a Wednesday night, nonetheless. This was out of my usual element, as I typically photograph rap and hip hop. Being my first PUP show, I know it won’t be my last.


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