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  • Samantha Grierson

Quinn XCII's The Story of Us Tour in Washington DC

What could be a better mid week pick-me-up than a sold-out show at DC's historic 9:30 Club?

On February 28th Quinn XCII's The Story of Us tour made its way to Washington, DC. This seven week, twenty-nine stop tour across the US has already sold out more than half of the dates. With second shows being added in some cities and other venues moving him into bigger rooms, I'm sure this tour will be the last time you have a chance to see Quinn XCII in club sized venues. As the lights lowered and the instrumental half of the track "Intro (Slow)" started. Soon yellow lights were flashing across the stage giving a glimpse of a vintage Victorian couch, two side tables, and a huge gold frame hanging above the set up. While waiting for Quinn's appearance the lights reviled a perfect recreation of The Story Of Us album cover. After much anticipation Quinn finally took the stage and went right into his first song of the night "Candle" followed by "Full Circle." The crowd was bouncing and singing along to every song, it was obvious that everyone was fully captivated by smooth, feel-good beats filling the room. Slower hits like "Don’t You" had couples filling in the limited space in the back of the club for a dance. Between songs Quinn XCII took the opportunity to let his fan know how much he appreciates them and to encourage them to also follow your own dreams because "it really does work, just try." "My goal is to give you all an hour and half of positivity," Quinn XCII told the crowd. "With all the negative things happening in the world, We need to spread positivity and spread love. If you don’t see good people, go out a be a good person." Quinn XCII introduced his 'last' and favorite song "Another Day in Paradise" before disappearing for a few seconds then reappearing for an encore. Encores are always so bittersweet it means the night is coming to an end but triple the amount of energy the room has held all night. Kicking off with "Kings of Summer" then "Flare Guns" joined by opening act Chelsea Cutler, who is also featured on his album. There's nothing more to ask for after seeing this duet take the stage together. Quinn XCII brings a unique sound. There's the hip-hop, pop, reggae, yet a jazzy feel. He could be listed under numerous genres of music so he definitely has something to offer to a wide variety of music lovers. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this artist. Take a chance on this guy; you will not be disappointed.

Set List:

1. Intro

2. Candle

3. Full Circle

4. Walls

5. Worst

6. Fake Denim

7. Bootleggin

8. Make Time

9. Iron & Steel

10. What the Hell Happened

11. Don't You

12. 60 Seconds

13. Always Been You

14. FFYL

15. Another Day in Paradise

16. King of Summer

17. Flare Guns

18. Straightjacket


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