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  • Carl Beust

Rebelution’s Hawaiian Endless Summer

It’s mid-December, and while the continental United States is experiencing the winter chill, Hawaii is lost in an endless summer. Winter weather on the Islands is characterized by warm, clear days in the eighties, comfortable nights, and some of the best surf on the planet. The cool rhythms of the band Rebelution cemented the relaxed vibe of an endless summer day.

The Southern California based band have become one of the leading voices of mainstream American reggae. Band Members, Eric Rachmany (vocals, guitar), Rory Carey (keyboards), Marley D. Williams (bass), Wesley Finley (drums), Kyle Ahern (guitar), Zach Meyerowitz (trumpet), and Eric Hirschhorn (saxophone), played to a sold out crowd at The Republik.

The band was playing their last shows of the year to an audience that was well acquainted with the band. By 10 P.M. when the band took the stage fans were jam packed into every available space. Right from the start the band laid down the positive vibes with “Sky Is The Limit.” Next, the groove of “Roots Reggae Music” had the entire club bouncing up and down. The band then slowed the tempo with “City Life.” In all three songs the brass section was heavily featured. In my opinion the horns are what sets this band apart. The shows set list incorporated selections from every album Rebelution has released. Highlights included “Green To Black,” “Lazy Afternoon,” and “Settle Down Easy.” After playing a nineteen song set during which the members looked as though they were having the time of their life, the band walked offstage. The band returned and treated the audience to a three song encore of the groove filled ”Safe and Sound” followed by “Attention Span” and finally “De-Stress” which had the entire crowd singing in unison.

For ninety minutes Rebelution performed a set of melodic reggae anthems accentuated with punchy horns and rock guitars. The groups tireless touring has helped the band evolve into one of the best live reggae shows. During the summer months of 2020 the band will be crisscrossing the U.S. with Steel Pulse and The Green.

Sky Is The Limit / Roots Reggae Music / City Life / Heart Like A Lion / Pretty Lady / Meant To Be / Green To Black / Lazy Afternoon / Count Me In / Suffering / Settle Down Easy / Celebrate / Fade Away / Hate To Be The One / Feeling Alright / Inhale Exhale / Good Vibes / Outta Control / E. Safe And Sound / Attention Span / De-Stress


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