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  • Steve Sym

Rogue Wave performs Asleep at Heaven's Gate in Chicago

Oakland, California indie rockers Rogue Wave celebrated the 10 anniversary of their formative release Asleep at Heaven’s Gate, by performing the album in its entirety Thursday night 3/22 at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall.

Rogue Wave, fronted by Zach Rogue vocals, guitars along with his longtime bandmate Pat Spurgeon – drums, keyboard, samples, vocals, Masanori Christianson – bass, glockenspiel, synth and Jon Monahan guitar, blazed through the album's 12 tracks in a glorious night of music at the Chicago venue.


Harmonium Like I Needed Chicago X 12 Lake Michigan Lullaby Christians In Black Own Your Own Home Ghost Missed Fantasies Phonytown Cheaper Than Therapy

Encore: Bird On A Wire Nourishment Nation Love's Lost Guarantee Eyes


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