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  • Dawn Phillips

Saves The Day | Elevation 27 in Virginia Beach

Elevation 27 stands 27 feet above sea level in the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach, the building was previously occupied by Steppin’ Out, The Jewish Mother and Eagle’s Nest. Elevation 27 books national and international artists and bands, but it also features the best in regional acts. Elevation 27 has one of the best design layouts seen in Virginia, with a floating stage, a super spacious open floor, and a state of the art sound system.

Elevation 27 was packed to its gills, people came from far and wide to see FOUR bands, it was a mini festival for sure. Kicking off the night was Lloyd Vines; Vines threw down some rap with a good dose of some good ole rock ‘n roll. His musical rhymes are well written. Vines is passionate belting out melodic tunes that are catchy as well as interesting.

Boxford took the stage next and shook things up. This hometown band’s stage presence is amazing; laying down some pop-punk-rock tunes. Boxford’s song “Breathe” which is on their full EP Façade speaks out about awareness (mental health as well as suicide) As I listened to Boxford’s music as I traveled back across the 301 bridge, I had to keep looking at Spotify double checking to make sure I wasn’t listening to Blink 182! Dead ringer for Blink!

Audiostrobelight kept the night rolling with HIGH energy rock-punk-power-pop. HIGH energy is what Audiostrobelight is all about, when they go high energy they do it BIG! Audiostrobelight incorporates violin, keyboards, as well as a mandolin in their high energy performances~ it’s go BIG or go HOME kind of attitude. A super fun ,down to earth band who love to entertain and have fun.

Rounding out the night was Saves the Day, a punk-rock-alt band out of Princeton, New Jersey! Founder Chris Conley jumped on stage with Vines and belted out some rap tunes before taking the stage with his band. Is this the part where Conley slides on over to become a rapper? I’d like to see Saves the Day throw down some rock-rap-alt tunes while collaborating with Vines.

Saves the Day released their ninth studio album last October, the album is titled 9 and is said to be an autobiography representation of the band’s twenty years in music. Their song "1997" takes you back to their rock ‘n roll-punk-emo days where they had long days, long nights, and realizing that the decades pass ever so quickly. The songs on the album 9 are in fact based on that time period; the tunes are catchy and poetic while the beats get you moving. The album is good; I wanted even more from it when I was done listening. I wanted more of the here and now perspective with some hardcore funky beats, as Saves The Day consistently leaves you wanting more both live and via the studio.


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