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  • Dawn Phillips

Selfish Things at Metro Gallery in Baltimore

Baltimore is host to never ending talented artists; Feb 27th at the Metro Gallery landed pure talent when the William Ryan Key tour landed in Baltimore. The tour was opened by Others May Fall, Corey Wells, and Selfish Things. William Ryan Key name doesn’t sound familiar? Well it probably does, as he the former lead singer/songwriter and guitarist for Yellowcard!

Selfish Things hail from Ontario, they’re a four-piece consisting of Alex Biro (vocals), Mike Tacar (lead guitar), Cam Snooks (rhythm guitar) and Jordan Trask (drums). They bring honest music to a world filled with false promises and pretenses. Selfish Things released their EP Vertical Love in March of 2018, it's a passional and raw six songs of love, loss and discovery.

The lead single off Vertical Love is “8147 Mulholland Terrace” which seems to explore how life (and ourselves) can become out of control as each passing year brings us closer to the end. We’ve all had those thoughts, "what is my life path?" Or feeling like you’ve been placed on a path that you have no control over. All the songs on Vertical Love break open those issues and the thoughts that come with them. The best music comes from self doubts, pain, and hardships and Selfish Things nailed this EP bringing us one step closer to who they are and what they represent.

Selfish Things sound is simple, easy listening, rock tunes with a dash of pop, creating something fresh but yet familiar. Alex Biro took center stage and wooed the crowd with his acoustic abilities, he did not disappoint! On my way home, I threw on Spotify and listened to every single song while I made my 2 hour journey back home. This band you don’t want to ignore, you don’t want to be the only one a year from now that has never heard of the Canadian band called the Selfish Things!

Selfish Things have a new single “Drained” which features vocals from none other than William Ryan Key

Are you pure? Are you marked? Do you know who you are? Do you know who you are now?

Selfish Things are still on tour, be sure to catch them in your city!

8147 Mulholland Terrace / Flood / Good Morning, Miss America / Without You / Synaptic / Five Years / Hangman


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