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  • Diane DiMemmo

Senses Fail at The Starland Ballroom

If NJ makes and the world takes, then NJ has definitely produced a gem in the band – SENSES FAIL. Adoring fans welcomed back their own to The Starland Ballroom for a SOLD OUT show on March 17th, 2018. As others may have celebrated St. Patrick's Day with some corned beef and cabbage, Senses Fail rocked this crowd with relentless energy and passion throughout their twenty-two song set.

During the performance, almost 100 singing crowd-surfers exuberantly rode fellow fans hoping to catch the attention of frontman Buddy Nielsen, who very graciously high-fived several of them. His attentiveness to his fans was impressive as he tirelessly bounded across the stage throughout the performance, even squeaking in a few cartwheels for good measure.

Nielsen's voice was strong, as well as melodic, as he rocked the crowd in the Senses Fail screamo style that has made them so successful throughout their career. Fellow band members Gavin Caswell, Greg Styliades, Steve Carey, and Jason Milbank were locked in and tight, matching Nielsen's energy with driving percussion, sweet guitar riffs and energetic bass lines. It was evident that each band member absolutely loved what they were doing as they headbanged, jumped and interacted with each other during every song.

Hailing from Ridgewood, New Jersey, Nielsen made a point to speak to the crowd about his home state and what it meant for him to be performing here. "The first concert I ever attended was at The Starland Ballroom and it's not lost on me that I now get to perform here. Thank you for coming to celebrate our new record," referencing the band's newly released album, "If There Is Light, It Will Find You." They proudly pounded out the new hits New Jersey Makes, The World Takes, Elevator to The Gallows, Double Cross, and Gold Jacket, Green Jacket. The latter song, Nielsen explained, is about Millenials finding their place in this world and doing a damn good job of it, contrary to what some may erroneously believe. It is also a tribute to his wife, a former marine. Senses Fail fans have evidently embraced the new LP, with the NJ crowd singing all of the lyrics like they've been listening to it for years.

As if giving NJ a personal gift, Senses Fail changed up their setlist to include the entire album "From The Depths of Dreams." It was sandwiched between past hits, including Calling All Cars, Buried Lie, and Bite To Break Skin, to name a few. As a testament to the band's continued popularity, some dedicated fans traveled to this concert all the way from South Carolina, California, and London. Los Angeles fan, Diego Perez, proudly stated that the NJ show was his sixty-ninth time seeing Senses Fail. He added that the trip was well worth it. When asked what she specifically liked about Senses Fail, Alyssa Maldonado (a NY fan) said, "I just love Buddy because of how genuine he is. He shares himself with his fans and speaks to us through his music."

Alyssa has a point.

If there is light, I hope it finds you If there is light, I hope it finds you If there is love, I hope it finds you Let the good dig inside you Let your love be the thing that defines you

The on-going message that Senses Fail continues to deliver is that despite our struggles in life, the main thing that matters is sharing the love that's inside of you. Their fans totally dig that.

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the cities this band is performing in, make sure to catch their show. You will NOT be disappointed. Tour dates can be found at www.sensesfailcom. Follow the band's tour on Twitter: @sensesfail and Instagram: @sensesfailofficial.

Set List:

  1. Family Tradition

  2. New Jersey Makes, the World Takes

  3. You're Cute When You Scream

  4. Elevator to the Gallows

  5. Lady in a Blue Dress

  6. Between The Mountains and the Sea

  7. Double Cross

  8. Calling All Cars

  9. Lungs Like Gallows

  10. Negative Space

  11. The Priest and the Matador

  12. Gold Jacket, Green Jacket

  13. Steven

  14. Free Fall Without a Parachute

  15. Handguns and Second Chances

  16. Bloody Romance

  17. Dreaming A Reality

  18. The Ground Folds

  19. One Eight Seven


  1. Buried Lie

  2. Can't Be Saved

  3. Bite to Break Skin


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