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  • Dawn Phillips

Sessions: Covet in Baltimore

Rock & Roll Hotel is a music venue and nightclub that was established in 2006 in the H St Corridor of Washington DC. They host original bands from around the region, country and globe. Rock & Roll Hotel has 3 floors, the concert hall, and 2nd floor lounge and rooftop deck. Rock & Roll Hotel is a quaint venue; food service runs until 11PM and they pack the house for all events!

H Street NE, a dynamic one and a half mile stretch in Northeast DC, known for it’s nightlife, restaurants, pop-ups, festivals and communal atmosphere. Art lovers flock to The Atlas Performing Arts Center, the largest annual event is the H Street Festival which spans 10 blocks, another must see is the H Street Farmers Market! As far as restaurants go, there you will find a multitude of delectable options. Up early? Craving New York Style bagels? Check out Bullfrog Bagels, up late? Copycat Co has you covered!

Rock, whether it be progressive, adventure, pop, garage, acid; do we need lyrics to fully engage ourselves? Up until now I would have said YES, like who doesn’t like some badass rock lyrics? Let’s meet the band that changed my mind….

Covet, based out of Cali is a math/adventure/post rock band, front woman Yvette Young is a classically trained pianist and violinist; Young taught herself guitar as a way to reclaim music for herself on her own terms. Music on her terms is a good thing, a very good thing. Young, a solo artist, joined forces with two other musicians who are talented and like-minded, the trio is known as COVET.

Delicate, hard-hitting, complex and incredibly soothing. It’s like telling a story, without saying a word. As a trio, they are able to wow audiences with their combined technical mastery. I watched, completely amazed as Young’s fingers flew between the bridge and its fretboard, picking and tapping what sounds like multiple guitar parts at once; it’s both impressive and simply good!

July 2018, COVET released their new album Effloresce.


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