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  • Carl Beust

Shordie Shordie | The Republik in Honolulu

Shordie Shordie’s On The Block tour arrived midweek in Honolulu during an exceptionally hot and humid night. The rapper who possesses one of the strongest voices out of Baltimore has been flying solo since leaving Peso Da Mafia. His melody first approach has earned him the nickname “Captain Hooks”.

Local DJ Dee Wizzard warmed up the crowd until 9 PM when DJ Durant and Shordie Shordie took the stage. It didn’t take much to get this crowd going. Shordie Shordie didn’t bring any of his cohorts to the island. This allowed the rappers street tales and playboy raps to be front and center. Although there was nothing groundbreaking, the uptempo beats, the power of Shordie’s voice, and those catchy earworm hooks kept the audience dancing and helped avoid any sluggishness. Highlights of the sixty minute set included “FDP ,” “Counter,” “Bonnie and Clyde,” “Docte'r, “Save A Little,” ” Morning In LA,, and “Body Language.” The show ended with Shordie Shordie’s platinum single “Bitchuary (Betchua).”

Although the rapper is signed to Warner Music and has videos that were viewed over ninety million times on Youtube, Shordie Shordie may still be one of the genre’s best kept secrets. Make it a point to see Shordie Shordie. What’s going to be your excuse, watching Law & Order?


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