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  • Carl Beust

Shoreline Mafia | The Republik in Honolulu

Shoreline Mafia, the hip-hop collective, whom are signed to Atlantic Records, stormed the shores of Honolulu. Armed with champagne bottles and over a dozen of their friends the group’s nonstop party was just part of the show.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California the group released their first mixtape ShoreLineDoThatShit, in November 2017. Rereleased in May of 2018 by Atlantic Records along with Traplantic and the EP Party Pack the group gained a reputation due to their fiery chemistry and exuberant rhymes.

A few hundred devoted fans were primed by a group of the collective’s DJs. For close to ninety minutes the crowd was entertained with beats and a booty contest. One woman after shaking what her mama gave her walked over to the side of the stage and got sick. A little upset stomach didn’t bother her. She was right back up there showing everyone who was boss.

At 10 PM Ohgeesy (real name, Alejandro Coranza) and Fenix (Fenix Rypinski) stormed onstage. For the next forty-five minutes Honolulu was treated to a lyrical barrage of sex and drugs which would have made the characters in HBO’s Euphoria pass out. Ohgeesy was front and center from the start, alternating each side of the stage with Fenix. During the forty five minute set three bottles of champagne and a couple stacks of dollar bills blanketed the audience. Highlights included “Musty,” “Pressure,” “Nun Major,” “Bands,” and “Bottle Service.”

The West Coast bouncy production and laid back flows had won over the crowd instantaneously. It will be interesting to see if this group can successfully mature their lyrical content past their hunger of sexual and pharmacological conquests. If they can, they are promised a long storied career.


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