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  • Dawn Phillips

Stacked Like Pancakes at The MilkBoy ArtHouse

I caught back up with STACKED LIKE PANCAKES at the MilkBoy ArtHouse in College Park, Maryland this past Saturday. SLP is on an extensive tour right now promoting their Kickstarter for their album, Strange Creatures. They want to make this album a reality: they’re true performers and want to make music for a living! They need YOU, their fans to help with this kickstarter so that they can continue this amazing adventure in the music industry.

Remember this kickstarter is all or NOTHING, once April 29th arrives they need to be fully funded or this album will not happen. Why? SLP is an unsigned, independent band trying to claw their way into the music industry the hard way! If they hit their goal for this Kickstarter they will have a chance to work with an amazing producer, Matt Squire! Matt Squire has produced multi-platinum records and has worked with Panic! At the Disco, Kesha, All Time Low, Ariana Grande, 3OH!3, Boys Like Girls and now….STACKED LIKE PANCAKES! How cool is that? Are you a PANCAKE fan? Head on over and pre-order your album now

Saturday, SLP sang the song “Hollow” that Matt Squire produced and let me tell you it’s one badass song! You seriously need to head over to YouTube and take a listen! The lyrics as well as the composition are amazing!

DC locals Unring the Bell rocked The Milk Boy! Unring the Bell was formed in 2012 band members are Joe Brewe (vocals/guitar), Joe Calvarese (guitar), Joe Smith (bass), and Suvo Sur (drums/strings/ambient noise). Head over to and check them out!

McLovins closed out the night at The Milk Boy! The band was founded in the summer of 2008 after a series of chance meetings between the trio at local music camps. The band toured locally in Southern New England playing a mixture of covers and their own original tunes. It was a video cover of Phish’s “You Enjoy Myself” that gained them attention on YouTube. Spring of 2009 they released their first studio album Conundrum which featured original songs inspired by the Norton Juster novel, The Phantom Tollbooth. They are amazing - a must see band!

Stacked Like Pancakes