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  • Carl Beust

State Champs Give It 110% in Hawaii

During the middle of the winter you can imagine how happy bands are to see “Honolulu, Hawaii” on their tour schedule. Music fans on the islands are usually treated to performances that are somewhat above the norm. Sun soaked beaches and bikini clad woman replace band skirmishes and all of the monotony of the road is forgotten. It was obvious from the start that after arriving from Japan, State Champs were ecstatic to be in Hawaii

The five piece high energy pop punk band formed in 2010. Originating from Albany, New York, the band has released three EPs and three full length discs. Original members Derek DiScanio (lead Vocals), and Tyler Szalkowski (lead guitar), with Tony “Rival” Diex (rhythm guitar), Ryann Scott Graham (bass), and Evan Ambrosio (drums) brought the band’s “Living Proof” tour to a disappointingly small but VERY enthusiastic crowd.

State Champs emerged at 9 P.M. to a flurry of screams and cheers. The performance that followed recognized their entire catalog with special emphasis to the songs from their 2018 release Living Proof. Immediately the band introduced the crowd to “Criminal” and “Frozen,” two tracks from the aforementioned release. From the start the band gave it their absolute all; hair was flying and band members were jumping off their risers. They continued bouncing from song alternating selections from all their albums. DiScanio easily interacted with the audience treating pop punk fans to an energized performance which had the crowd jumping and singing along to every song. The band really kicked into gear during their final encore “Secrets.” The energized audience left the Republik knowing that State Champs gave it 110%.

The “Living Proof” tour will continue February through March across the U.S.

Criminal / Frozen / Losing Myself / Shake Up / Mine Is Gold / Hard To Please / Crystal Ball / Remedy / Perfect Score / Lightning / Our Time To Go / All You Are Is History / Safe Haven / Easy Enough / Something About You / Simple Existence / Dead And Gone / If I’m Lucky / Elevated / Secrets


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