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  • Brian Krueser

Steel Panther's Sunset Strip Live in Fort Lauderdale

It was a typical hot and steamy night in Fort Lauderdale as the crowd began to assemble and line upto an hour and a half before the doors opened to the Culture Room. No one was complaining though, only laughing and ready to rock the night away with The Goddam’ Hustle and Steel Panther.

On the inside many had taken advantage of the Steel Panther meet and Greet. They looked like they were having a great time with all their signed memorabilia and cold drinks as we waited outside…. Maybe I should have done that as well….Once inside the Culture Room, they were playing a lot of the greatest music videos from the 80’s. The packed house could be heard singing along to almost everyone. This really set the tone for the night!

Taking to the stage first were local favorites, The Goddam’ Hustle. These guys sounded so good and the crowd was really into them.

Ashley Reda (Lead singer) and Chris Ament (Guitar) started the band in Gainesville but moved back to South Florida in 2011 when they met up with Adam Guagliardo (Bass) and Juan Hernandez (Drums).

In 2012 they released their first EP, Ruined My Life and toured around with Civilian and Black Locust Society (Bluebird, Jabrjaw & Astrea Corporation.) They are about to release a “Live” album, Ruined My Life In NYC that was recorded in New York City and have begun recording a full length follow up album.

They have opened up for the Black Angels, Band of Skulls, Surfer Blood and will be opening up for the MC5 Fiftieth Anniversary of “Kick Out the Jams” at Revolution Live on September 5th. After the release of the upcoming albums they plan on hitting the road and touring again.

Connect with The Goddam' Hustle:‐my‐life


When Steel Panther took to the stage and began their onslaught of profane and humorous lyrics, the crowd went wild! These guys are the real deal and take you back to the 80's in style. In between songs you get that that sophmorish banter between band members and everyone is eating it up. Meanwhile Lexxi is busy checking his hair and make up.....

Steel Panther is not holding anything back and they are running wild with the "Sunset Strip Live" 1 tour. The show includes some of their biggest original songs as well as some of the greatest metal hits from the 80's.The Sunset Strip Live tour started in Sturgis, SD, on August 8th and goes through October 28th, ending in Charlotte, NC. This probably not a show you would want to take your family too but definitely round up some friends to hit this tour!!

We would have loved to stay for the entire show but the Culture Room was competely packed with rockin' out Fanthers. We had a hell of a time getting out.... LOL. Steel Panther began in the early 2000's as Metal Shop which soon changed to Metal Skool and then finally to Steel Panther in 2008. They're line up is powered by Michael Starr (Vocals), Satchel (Guitar), Lexxi Foxx (Bass) and Stix Zadina (Drums).

Their latest album, Lower The Bar was released in March of 2017. That album hit number one on the Billboard "Top Comedy Albums" chart in the US and also came in at number forty on the Billboard 200 chart.

Connect with Steel Panther: Website:

Twitter: @Steel_Panther Facebook:

Instagram: steelpanther

Steel Panther

The Goddam’ Hustle


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