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  • Iris Konstant

Stone Sour returns to Nashville

When: May 2nd, 2018

Where: War Memorial Auditorium (Nashville, Tennesse)

Set List:

1. Whiplash Pants

2. Absolute Zero

3. Cold Reader

4. 30/30-150

5. Say You’ll Haunt Me

6. Bother

7. Tired

8. Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)

9. Last of the Real

10. Song #3

11. Through Glass



Knievel Has Landed


Hard-Rock Veterans Stone Sour returned to Nashville’s War Memorial Auditorium on May 2nd in a tour-de-force supporting their recent release Hydrograd. Accompanied by Atlanta’s The ’68 and Toronto’s Palaye Royale. Each band strived to create an atmosphere of sheer rock’n’roll and sheer amusement; as they entertained and distracted concert-goers from the world outside the venue’s doors. Stone Sour’s Lead Singer, Corey Taylor drove home this point during their set stating, “This is a Stone Sour concert…you’re mandated to have fun because this is the one place where you can let go of all the bullshit.”

Stone Sour’s hour and thirty-minute set was entertaining, debaucherous, and contained subtle nods to Nashville itself. Which inevitably, won the crowd over, as they saw an artist truly pay homage to the city they were in; instead of the mere “we love [insert city], you guys are the best crowd!” Corey Taylor’s devotion towards Nashville was honest; as he detailed the time where Stone Sour recorded “Bother” at a local studio not far from War Memorial Auditorium.

The over-the-top set was limited for the night, seeing as Stone Sour’s usual pyrotechnics were banned from the venue; as War Memorial Auditorium is a wooden building; but Corey Taylor made up for the outlawed pyrotechnics through the use of “water-technics.” Where in which, Taylor simply threw open water bottles into the crowd or doused the front rows with water.

Surprisingly, Taylor didn’t make the wet crowd into an innuendo. What he did turn into an innuendo however, was a simple exchange; where a fan shouted, “I love you Corey.” To which Corey Taylor responded with a sly, “I’m sexually attracted to you too.” In the end, from the sly exchange to the raw and honest emotion, a light-hearted atmosphere arose and further proved that rock’n’roll wasn’t dead at all; but rather thriving amongst the thrown water bottles and honest declarations of love and life.


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