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  • Masen Smith

Super Chon Bros: The Underground in Charlotte

CHON returned to the road with Polyphia to bring us the revival of the Super Chon Bros Tour. In a super killer combo of math rock (for those not in the know it's music that is mathematically calculated, and not School House Rock-esque), explosive live performances, and old school games, this is definitely not a tour to sleep on. With Chon being major fans of the Super Smash Bros, the tour gives six VIP attendees the chance to play the game on stage while the band is performing. The game is projected onto a wall so everyone can see just how good you really are.

Tricot opened the show, an alternative rock band formed in the historial Japanese city Kyoto. The band consists of three female founding members – Ikkyu Nakajima (vocals/guitar), Motoko “Motifour” Kida (guitar/backing vocals), and Hiromi “Hirohiro” Sagane (bass/backing vocals), and new addition Yusuke Yoshida (drums). The band has been gaining the attention of math rock fans due to the complex rhythms in their songs, despite math rock not even being something they are familiar with. Though the set contained minimal lyrics, the harmonization of the songs had the audience fully captivated.

Next up was TTNG ( previously known as This Town Needs Guns) a three-piece hailing from Oxford, England. Their music performance style was not aggressive but more intricate and soothing. The carefully composed music was accompanied by the extremely smooth vocals of Henry Tremain with Tim Collis on guitar and his brother Chris Collis on drums.

“Not only the biggest, but the best metal band” Polyphia took the stage next. Polyphia are returning vets of the Super Chon Tour so the fans knew exactly what to expect as they excted the stage after just a few chords played. “One more song!” the crowd chanted, and Polyphia returned kicking into “Icronic” off their 2017 EP The Most Hated. Now prog rock and math rock might not scream “crowd surfing mania” to you, but it sure does to their fans. Countless crowd surfers were heaved over the barricade throughout the entire set non stop. The performance included fan favorites like “Goose,” “Champagne,” and their newest single “G.O.A.T.”

Finally the math rock geniuses themselves, Chon, came to the stage as the Mario theme played overhead, leading into “Wave Bounce” off of 2017's Homey. The crowd danced, headbanged, and swayed along to “Story, “Sleepy Tea,” and “Bubble Tree” but were also treated to some unreleased songs, giving us a taste of what to hope for on the next album. A solid hour of moshing and nonstop movement from the crowd kept Chon's energy consistently high right back. Closing out with an encore duo of “Can't Wait” and “Perfect Pillow.”






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