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  • Angela Leung

SWMRS at Brooklyn Steel

California based punk rock band SWMRS brought their headlining show to Brooklyn, New York on April 11th. Their tour was in support for their latest album Berkeley’s On Fire. As members Cole, Max, Seb, Joey and Jakob entered the stage, fans were passionately singing along to the intro song “Steve Got Robbed.” They performed their new hits such as “Lose Lose Lose,” “Trashbag Baby,” “Hellboy” and a handful of other songs from their previous album Drive North.

There was not a single dull moment because the energy these guys brought on stage was impeccable. The crowd was constantly crowd-surfing and forming circle pits throughout the entire show. Security guards were seen bobbing their heads as they were catching crowd surfers. Besides some of the more upbeat songs, the band performed a slower track “Bad Allergies” sang by Max Becker, just in time for allergy season. Not only are they amazing performers but they made sure their shows fostered a safe place for all their fans. Lead vocalist Cole Becker made a speech about how they will not tolerate sexual assault of any kind and showed his support for the LGBTQ community and minorities. Seeing them spread those messages of positivity makes them a great band to look up to.

SWMRS brought Brooklyn on fire that night as they concluded their set with “Harry Dean.” This tour is halfway coming to an end but for certain, SWMRS is a band you would not want to miss!

Trashbag Baby / D’You Have A Car? / Berkeley’s On Fire / Too Much Coffee / Lose Lose Lose / Miley / BRB / Lonely Ghosts / Bad Allergies / Hannah / Hellboy / April in Houston / Figuring It Out / Palm Trees / Lose It / Harry Dean


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