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  • Carl Beust

The California Honeydrops at House of Blues New Orleans

In the past The California Honeydrops have played the smaller of the two rooms at the New Orleans House of Blues. This year they graduated to the larger main room. It was a move well deserved. After a full day at the Fairgrounds, music fans packed the show to near capacity for a show that was scheduled to start at 11:30 pm.

The Oakland, California based band was in town promoting their latest double album, Call It Home Vol. 1 & 2. Their New Orleans musical approach and cross genre style of music made the band a perfect fit for the Jazzfest crowd. At shortly after 11:30, Lech Weirzynski took center stage and the band began with “Drop By Drop.”

Throughout the night the band played like New Orleans veterans. Lorenzo Loera played the keys like a New Orleans professor and the two saxophone players blasted the French Quarter like a couple of New Orleans legends. The bands easy going harmonies reminded me of street corner soul. Songs such as “Junkers Blues”, “Same Old, Same Old” and “Broke Down” got the crowd up and dancing.

Next year I’m looking forward to seeing The California Honeydrops once again in New Orleans. By then, with any luck, they may be playing one of the cities larger theatres.

01. Drop By Drop

02. Here Comes Love

03. When It Was Wrong

04. Junkers Blues

05. Starr Child

06. Just One More

07. Coming Around

08. I Wanna Go Home

09. Things I Used To Do

10. Birthday Suit

11. Dipper The Mouth

12. Only Home I’ve Ever Known

13. Never Found A Girl/Cowboys To Girls

14. Same Ole Same Ole

15. Cry For Me

16. Broke Down


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