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  • Dawn Phillips

The End Of The Ocean at Ottobar in Baltimore

Ottobar located in the Charles Village in Baltimore, Maryland was named one of the 10 Best Live Music Venues in America by Rolling Stone Magazine. It’s a place for sub-mainstream music where the scenesters flock to hear the best touring bands.

When listening to music do you prefer bands that have singers over bands that don’t? There are definitely those times when you want to roll down the windows, jam out while belting out those lyrics. Are there times when you just want to feel the music, allowing it to penetrate deep revealing each and every emotion deep within your soul? The End of the Ocean is the band to turn to when you just want to get lost in the music. In 2011, TEOTO had their sights set on a long and promising career as musicians; then life as the band knew would come to an abrupt end. A multitude of real life problems caused a riff in the band, things came to a halt; the band needed to take a step back, fully hurt, so that they could heal. The End of the Ocean is back and with a vengeance; TEOTO’s stage presence is dramatic, raw, angry and purgative while still being hopeful. –aire, their first album in seven years, was released January 2019.

I fell in love with the high energy riffs, melodic passages and the dramatic out-flowings. I literally was lost in the music! In 1977, Fleetwood Mac released Rumours, and they too were faced with personal problems; great music stemmed from those issues and TEOTO is spiraling into musical beauty just the same. TEOTO is comprised of Tara Mayer (keys), Trish Chisholm (guitar), Kevin Shannon (guitar) , Jason Han (bass), and Wes Jackson (drums). The set catered mainly to their latest release including "endure," and "homesick" but also included their 2012 hit "On Floating."

The End of the Ocean gives us a fresh new breath of air in the post-rock world, and I highly recommend catching them on their next visit to your city.

The End Of The Ocean, Tides of Man, Body Thief


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