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  • Carl Beust

The Get Up Kids | The Republik in Honolulu

The Get Up Kids from Kansas City, Missouri formed in 1995 and was a major player in the second wave of emo. The band is best remembered for their 1999 release Something To Write Home About. Since breaking up in 2005 and reuniting in 2008 the band has continued to tour and release music. The band was in Hawaii to play The Republik to promote their latest release Problems.

The Get Up Kids took the stage at 10:05 and launched into a shout-along version of “Holiday” followed by “The Problem Is Me,” and “I’m A Loner Dottie, A Rebel." It was clear the band was having fun playing their first ever show in Hawaii. Matt Pryor (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) profusely apologized to fans for taking so long to reach the islands. Jim Suptic’s (lead guitar/backing vocals) asked the crowd if anyone in attendance worked for Sprint Mobile and could assist him in replacing his Iphone which was dropped in the ocean. After announcing Suptics upcoming birthday the guitarist was serenaded by the crowd.

The band’s set felt timeless. Mixing older material with their latest release, seven tracks were selected from Something to Write Home About while six selections from Problems dominated the set. Highlights included “Woodson,” “Better This Way,” and "Satellite." After ending their set with “Action & Action” the band returned for a five song encore set. After slowing the pace with “Out Of Reach,” Ryan Pope (drums) sat at the lip of the stage and guzzled beer as the band charged into The Replacements “Beer For Breakfast.” “Ten Minutes” concluded the show.

It was obvious the band gave it their all. Covered in sweat they left the stage as fans lingered inside the venue.

After memorable versions of

Holiday / The Problem Is Me / I’m A Loner Dottie, A Rebel / Coming Clean / Better This Way / Overdue / Woodson / The Advocate / No Love / Forgive And Forget / Lou Barlow / Shorty / Waking Up Alone / Man Of Conviction / Satellite / Mass Pike / Red Letter Day / Fairweather Friends / Action & Action / E. Out Of Reach / Beer For Breakfast (The Replacements) / Don’t Hate Me / I’ll Catch You / TenMinutes


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