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  • Katie Leuenberger

The Midnight World Tour | Set It Off at Baltimore Soundstage

Set It Off has brought out all the tricks for this new era, including killer supporting acts. Kicking off the night is the Hip Hop/Rock band Love In Future Times, they energize the crowd to no end with a live show experience of a rock band but the lyrics too fast to normally be found in the scene.

supEr whatevr’ comes onto stage and pulls everyone onstage too. With a sound I personally compare to Modern Baseball, Brand New or The Front Bottoms, where the sound really catches your attention but the lyrics hold your heart. Now the room is vulnerable and anxious as Rock/ Pop Punk band With Confidence takes the stage. Suddenly the room is pulsing with energy as the entire crowd is off their feet, jumping, singing and even moshing.

Heartbeats are heavy as we countdown until midnight, Set It Off comes out dancing and doesn’t stop. To the older and nostalgic fans your needs are met when they cover *NSYNC and also do a coordinated boy band jump which drives the crowd even more insane.

The energy in the room genuinely never fades. With one slower song and live horns performed by lead singer Cody Carson and guitarist Dan Clermont, they have just started to develop their sound and performance into the best they can be. Cut to a comical mashup of radio top hits and vine references, drummer Maxx Danzinger steals the show with a five minute long drum solo remix containing Billie Eilish, Britney Spears, Halsey, Ariana Grande, and not excluding the smash hit Baby Shark.

This show in its entirety is a huge accomplishment and marker of growth for the band. A remarkable show that I was honored to attend and capture!


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