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  • Dawn Phillips

The Nightowls at Gypsy Sally's

Gypsy Sally’s keeps on rocking the summer out with amazing bands! If you haven’t made your way to The Vinyl at Gypsy Sally’s make sure to drop in any day of the week, the food is outstanding and the music iS phenomenal.

Jenna Camille is a singer–songwriter from Accokeek, Maryland and alumni of Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Jenna’s music is a smooth R&B with a more jazzy-funk sophistication; when she sings she has an Erykah Badu-esque about her with that anything goes neo-soul. Jenna received formal training in piano; she then majored in jazz studies at both Michigan State University and the University of the District of Columbia. Currently, Jenna is working on her sophomore album entitled FREE: a celebration of newfound creative liberation in her mid-20s.

Check her out on Spotify

Serving up some smoldering grooves were The Nightowls, a 10 piece band from Austin, Texas! The Nightowls can be describes as a foot-stomping, high-energy groove machine, bringing tons of dance funk your way. The Nightowls tempo and beats reel you in, taking you straight to the dance floor where you can’t help but to let go. Their funky beats are infectious; each band member grabs your attention drawing you in while your body moves and sways about the room. The Nightowls are nonstop pouring on the funk!

The talent is astronomical with this group, each member packs a punch in the talent department and combined this group dominates! Leading this team up vocally you have: Ryan Harkrider, Kamilla lamar, and Carly Walker. Rhythm Section: Ben Pham (drums), Rob Alton (bass), and Ry-Dog Johnson (guitar). Horn section: Zol Waterhouse (trombone), Luke Scallan (trumpet), and Andrew Maclemore (sax).

In an era of selfie madness, where beauty is a swipe away; The Nightowls play along with their song "#selfiequeen" where frontman Ryan Harkrider reminds us that a quick fix is just a swipe away. ”If you don’t like what you see, put a filter on the screen" these lyrics literally call for the audience to take a selfie! It’s a great song!

Packing a dramatic punch in the night were Kamilla and Carly, Kamilla strutted front and center belting out “here come old flat-top he come grooving up slowly / he got ju-ju eyeballs, he’s one holy roller / he got hair down to his knees, got to be a joker / he just do what he please." Then Carly followed up with the second part of the song. Let me say this, I’ve heard different versions of this song by various artists, these ladies took this song to the next level with their strong dominating vocals - they kicked ass!

The Nightowls are a must see band, luckily they’re touring from now until Sept, check the tour dates out to see if they’ll be in your city!

Can’t Wait to Knock it / Laybackwittit / Everybody..the Music / I Don’t Mess with that / Get Up / Clean it Up…the Rules / Selfiequeen / Together Alone / Bright Wide Eyes / Don’t it Feel Weird…Falling in Love / Dropdown / Break my Heart Tonight / After All / Don’t Wanna Leave You Lonely / Lift Me Up / The Feel Good / Get Funked Up / Nice and Slow / Right Around the Corner

The Nightowls

Jenna Camille


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