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  • Carl Beust

The Osees | The Republik in Honolulu

The Osees, fresh off of a summer European tour, stopped off to play a one off show in Hawaii, at The Republik in Honolulu, Hawaii. The band, John Dwyer (vocals/guitar), Tim Helllman (bass), Dan Rincon (drums), Paul Quattrone (drums), and Tomas Dolas (keyboards), have been on tour promoting their latest release A Foul Form, which was released on the band’s own Castle Face Records.

The band decided to forgo an opening band and instead Dwyer and Rincon played DJ. The duo, seated beside Quattrone’s drum kit, mixed Nina Simon’sFunkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter” into Cumbia Sigo XX’s “Naga Pedale” with Joe Mesh’s “Dee Mmaa Pe”, and Giorgio Moroder’s “First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love”. The hour long set mixed Afrofunk grooves with techno noise and seventies disco. This set was alone worth the price of admission. The crowd was dancing throughout the set and by showtime at 9 PM the audience was hyped.

The lights dimmed, the rest of the band entered the stage, and the group dove straight into “I Come From The Mountain”. It was obvious why this band has been consistently one of the best live touring bands. Dwyer, stage right, was flailing like a true madman. Rincon and Quattrone’s drums were placed upfront and center stage. The double drums were fierce, relentless, and awe inspiring. The hypnotic synchronicity between band members was a site to be seen. A gumbo of sixties garage rock, psychedelia, noise, and punk kept the manic crowd moving. A sizable pit was in full swing while at the same time a group of ladies were taking tequila shots and dancing their asses off during Encrypted Bounce . While watching this madness, the previous DJ set made perfect sense.The seed was sown and the perfect psychedelic punk rock garage band dance party emerged. Highlights included “Funeral Solution”, “Tidal Wave”, “Rogue Planet”, “If I Had My Way”, and “Animated Violence”. The band concluded the set with a drawn out “C”.

The band played twenty selections, in over ninety minutes. Those ninety minutes were filled with some of the best, hot, sweaty, fast tempo, sleazy, psych rock on the planet. Don’t miss this band when they hit your town. The Osees will be touring across the United States throughout the coming months.

I Come From The Mountain, Funeral Solution, Tidal Wave, The Static God. Chem-Farmer/Nite Expo, The Dream/The Daily Heavy, Rogue Planet, Sticky Hulks, A Foul Form, Jettisoned, Web, Encrypted Bounce, Scramble Suit II, Terminal Jape, If I Had My Way, Withered Hand, Toe Cutter-Thumb Buster, Animated Violence, Scum Show, C


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