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  • Dawn Phillips

The Stolen | DC9 in Washington DC

It’s been a little over a year since I last photographed The Stolen; I first met up with them in Baltimore at the Otto Bar, as concert goers filled the venue waiting on Stacked like Pancakes to make their debut. The Stolen took command of the crowd and left everyone wondering “where did they come from?"“How did I not hear about them before now?" The Stolen, hailing from Jersey, took center stage and blew the doors off at DC9 Nightclub; they also left loads of concert goers once again with the same questions as before. Needless to say they are a force for be reckoned with.

Pop-rockish melodies with catchy choruses leave you reeling in the moment getting lost in the sound as you sway across the venue. The Stolen’s fan base is enormous spanning across the country, the band has toured vigorously with self bookings as well as touring/ with acts like Neon Trees, The All American Rejects; the band even followed Vans Warped Tour just to reach new fans selling CDs and merch.

The Stolen have a multitude of EPs and singles, they just dropped a full length album with eleven tracks. The Stolen dove into an extremely sensitive and controversial subject matter…suicide. It’s a subject that we just don’t speak about as open or frequently enough as we should. The Stolen’s “Rooftop” has a synthetic vibe with a catchy beat that disguises the extremely heavy subject with lyrics like I've been wasting all this time / Just pretending that I'm fine / Are you with me?

The band is composed of Dom Cuce (vocals), Rob Chiarappa (guitarist), Mike Chiarappa (drums), and Kevin Smart (bass).

This is a one of a kind band, a tight knit band, a band that is sincere and needless to say they adore their fans. The band makes it a point to meet their fans at every show, they want to connect with their fans and thank them for supporting their music!

Opening for The Stolen was States and Capitals straight outta Jersey as well. Richie Arthur is the master mind who founded States and Capitals band. Since 2015 Ritchie has been releasing EP’s as well as touring. You can pre order his debut album The Feelings LP which releases Aug 2nd.


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