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  • Iris Konstant

Tremonti at The Cowan in Nashville

A medley of funky grooves, crushing bridges, and soaring choruses filled The Cowan on October 12th; as Tremonti brought their “Dying Machine” tour to Nashville, TN. From the start, it was evident that Tremonti was bringing something more than just music to The Cowan on a non-descript Friday night. As crew members and artists were more than willing to hang around the venue before and after the concert; as they truly wanted to build connections and get to know their fans. No need for a VIP pass. Which was refreshing to see from an artist. As they could have easily charged exorbitant prices for VIP seeing as lead singer, Mark Tremonti, has been an integral part of several massive rock bands; like Creed and Alter Bridge.

Opening for Tremonti were local Nashville-natives, Sound & Shape; a rather funky band which carried a 70’s vibe. Who “eased the crowd in” to a night of vibrant revelry; as their stage presence and music was rather calm and tepid in comparison to the following acts, True Villains and Tremonti.

True Villains, another local Nashville band, were the hidden gems of the night; as their fresh take on the rock’n’roll genre created an innovative and captivating performance. Which was hard to tear your eyes from; as these rockers creatively “waged war” on the country music scene as a lead in to their song “Waging War.” Do yourself a favor and don’t sleep on these guys; as these underdogs put up one hell of a fight.

Once the local Nashville acts managed to warm up the crowd and pack out The Cowan, Tremonti took the stage; but before they even took the stage, it was clear that this would be a performance for the record books. As there were murmurs and rumors about the types of performances Mark Tremonti put on; from whispers of exceptional to spectacular, it was clear this show wasn’t going to be anything less than show-stopping.

Let me tell you, in all my years of attending concerts [which admittedly isn’t long] I have never seen an artist break their strings in the middle of the song. The sheer energy left on stage; which caused the strings to break and encouraged the crowd to sing back the lyrics to “Another Heart” and “Bringer of War” at the top of their lungs; was very literally show-stopping. Proving the rumors and whispers of a “show-stopping” set true; as Tremonti created a set and a night which was unparalleled, powerful, and noteworthy.

Yet all nights must end and as fans’ voices grew hoarse, Tremonti ensured that the night would still end on a unique note; by performing “Wish You Well;” as opposed to following the formulaic idea which many bands take where they “hide behind a speaker.” In doing so, Tremonti sent fans off with a genuine and noteworthy experience.

Cauterize // You Waste Your Time // Another Heart // Trust // Traipse // My Last Mistake // Take You With Me // The Things I’ve Seen // So You’re Afraid // Catching Fire // Flying Monkeys // Radical Change // Bringer of War // Throw Them to the Lions // A Dying Machine // Decay // Wish You Well


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