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  • Dawn Phillips

Violet Days Baltimore Debut at Soundstage

Baltimore, our beloved city that literally never sleeps is host to the Baltimore Soundstage. The Soundstage an amazing go to place whenever you crave good music and vibes during the weekday grind. Hitting the streets of Baltimore for the very first time and first time in the USA was Violet Days.

Violet Days threw out those alternative pop-indie vibes and had the crowd on their feet belting out note after note! Violet Days came all the way from Sweden packing venue after venue on their US tour before bring the house down at the Soundstage in Baltimore. It was an all age’s event with the venue at max capacity.

Violet Days is an electronic pop band with frontwoman Lina Hansson, who was born in a small village in the countryside of Sweden. Hansson came from a musical family, singing Swedish folk songs with her siblings and finding inspiration from the Beatles, Michael Jackson and even contemporary artists like Coldplay.

In 2010 Hansson moved to Stockholm to pursue music. Their first single "Razorheart" shared similarities to pop icons like Lovato and Clarkson. Slowly their sound shifted which included more ethereal textures and sounds with focus on synths, the track "So Dope” was a clear indication that they had made that change. “Screaming Colors” explodes with pure unadulterated synth as well as rock.

In 2016, Hansson scored her first notable hit with “Your Girl” which streamed over five million times! “Your Girl” is delivered with amazing atmospheric soundscapes similar to Halsey. Violet Days send heartfelt meaningful lyrics out into the world giving everyone something to grasp onto in a day and age where everyone longs for something meaningful and something real. Hansson is clearly gifted well beyond her years, and her vocals are clean and crisp. Jump on Spotify right now to check out all of Violet Days tracks -- after all they could just very well be the next viral pop sensation of 2019!

Funnest facts of the night? (1) Hansson and her band are incredibly kind. (2) Violet Days did a song with Morgxn "Somber." (3) Violet Days was named after Hansson's grandmother Viola. Heart eyes!


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