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Wave Break Goes To "Plaster City" In Music Video Premiere

Boston-based pop punk band Wave Break see red with the debut of their first music video for their second single “Plaster City,” out TODAY. An anthemic track written by lead vocalist Kelly Barber, the video shows the band in a smoky performance setting, all tinged red, which the band claims sets the tone for their upcoming summer EP, due out this August. Highly reminiscent of Riot!-era Paramore, Wave Break blends early 2000’s pop punk elements with modern alternative cues to take on an energetic persona. Although just their second single , the band has been expanding into new touring markets as of recently, supporting bands such as Oh Weatherly and Centerfolds in the regional area. Having done underground work for almost a year prior to the initial release of “Plaster City,’ the project was developed from Barber’s long-term past solo career, placing the band on an experienced playing ground. “Plaster City” is sure to get more eyes and ears on the band, having already been added into medium rotation on idobi Radio with it’s initial release.

About the video, the band states:

"We wanted the video to be simple and performance-based to highlight the energy we put into the song. The lyrics mention a bright red color in one of the verses, so we had red be the theme of the video and the upcoming EP."

Wave Break, a metaphorical term meaning to overcome adversity, is an apt name for the newly-formed Boston-based band. Founded in April 2017 by lead singer/rhythm guitarist Kelly Barber, their lyrics centralize on the theme of standing up to societal or social barriers. The band blends elements of post-hardcore, pop punk and emo rock for a sound that's all their own. Their debut single "Deadlock" was released in October 2017, followed by a feature on The Undiscovered Sound on idobi Radio and a show slot opening for Oh, Weatherly (Hopeless Records) and Centerfolds (CI Records). Their second single "Plaster City," an anthem about standing up for yourself against those who try to tear you down, released on February 16th and was immediately added to regular rotation on idobi Radio. The band will release their debut 6-song EP in August and tour the northeast in support of it.


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