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  • Garrett Stroup

Welcome to Rockville | Sunday

Sunday would end up being the most effected day due to the weather. Alerts went out early on all Rockville socials informing fans that opening would be pushed backed due to severe weather. While the day got a super late start, and quite a few sets either canceled or pushed around, Rockville did a wonderful job at handling the situation and keeping the patrons updated with all information. Once it was safe the announcement went out that gates would open at 3pm, with the first performance being right before 4pm. Thankfully the city allowed Rockville to extend its curfew to allot enough time for the headliners to perform.

Yungblud, hailing from the England, has been all the buzz in the alternative scene for about a year now. From wild stage antics, bright colored aesthetics, and upbeat songs, Yungblud is a spectacle on stage. The set may have only been thirty minutes but they managed to pack ten songs into the timeframe kicking off with “21st Century Liability.” Yungblud's notoriety really took hold when the song “Falling Skies” played on the second season of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why.

The Struts now had the “pre headliner” slot on The Metropolitan stage bringing lighthearted energy and dance-able tunes. The UK native band kicked off with “Primadonna Like Me” as vocalist Luke Spiller stalked the stage with his killer dance moves. The Struts bring a hefty dose of glam that rock and roll has been severely lacking in this generation, topped with glittering outfits calling back to the 80's greats. The set included hits “Body Talks” and closed out with “Could Have Been Me.”

The last night of Rockville closed out with four fan favorites that each had the crowd racing between stages to catch at least part of the sets: Papa Roach, Bring Me The Horizon, Incubus, and Tool.

(The Struts / Meshuggah / Fever 333 / Yungblud / Rockville Atmosphere)


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