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Wonder Women RISE! bring empowerment to Pompano Beach

The Pompano Beach Amp is proud to host Wonder Women RISE!, a free event addressing the current #metoo movement, started by Tanara Burke, and the #TimesUp campaign. The event will feature a concert by the female-fronted band, Yärdij along with inspiring speakers who will empower our community. The team producing this event organized the Women's Rally in South Florida so the local community could stand in solidarity with the March in Washington. 25,000 South Floridians came to this rally, making it the largest sister event in the state.

“With so many sexual assault and harassment survivors finally stepping forward and finding their voices, we feel that it is the appropriate time to host another event that will empower our community,” said event organizer Stephanie Myers.

The Wonder Women RISE! event is being held so that women can learn how to find their inner Wonder Woman. The event will feature national experts who will discuss how this topic came to the tipping point, what women can do when confronted with abusive and harassing situations, how to deescalate these situations, and how to best cope after the fact.

“With March being Women’s History Month, we feel this is the perfect time for us to RISE and empower each other by embracing our beauty, compassion, intelligence, sexuality, and strength,” continued Myers. “We hope our rally is the first step towards unifying our communities, grounded in new relationships, to create change from the bottom up.”

About Yärdij:

This female-fronted band from South Florida is bringing a new sound to alternative rock. Deja Elyze(Lead Vocals/Guitar), Nick Fernandez(Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Alex "Donny P" Athanasaw (bass), and Jordan Drums (Drums) make up this 4-piece indie outfit. “We want people to have fun with our music but also gain a sense of awareness, consciousness and good vibes all around." says the band. Deja Elyze's signature vocals with the band's high energy performances and rhythmic grooves have garnered much recognition even in their early years as a band. Coming together in 2014, Yardij's first show as an original band was one of the last performances at Miami's famous Tobacco Road. Since then they have released 2 eps, "The Blue Room" and "Something Along the Lines", and they are currently gearing up to release their third, "Face Value". Some of the bands accomplishments since then are winning HardRock Rising's 2015 regional competition, winning Broward County's DUENDE Battle of the Bands leading to their performance in Pompano's Mess O' Blues Fest, playing Sunfest's 2015 main stage, playing Florida Music Festival three years in a row since 2015, opening Feb 2017 for Bon Jovi at the BB&T Center and performing at Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival in March of 2017.

Great raffle prizes will be available throughout the day.

While the event is free, donations are appreciated and will benefit local crisis centers: Women in Distress and Mujer.



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