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  • Megan Garzone

Review: Attila - The Noise Presents ... Tour 11/17/16

The Noise Presents ... The Chaos Tour stopped into Fort Lauderdale with Emmure, Chelsea Grin, and Attila on November 17th at Revolution Live. Known as the "trolls" of the deathcore scene, there's no middle ground when it comes to Attila - you either love them or hate them. While plenty of metal “purists” continue to trash talk Attila's arrogant lyrics and shit-talking attitudes, the packed crowd of loyal fans chanting “suck my fuck” before the band's entrance prove their popularity in the scene.

The set opened up with frontman's Chris Fronzak's “Public Apology” from Attila's early November release, Chaos. And you guessed it, it's not much of an apology as it's more of an anthem for the kids in the crowd. A sea of bodies jumping up and down and more than a few crowd surfers went flying as the band tore through the first single off the latest album. Attila kicked into “Callout” next which drags multiple musician's names through the mud. Attila thrives off of hate, and they do it well. The band plowed through older numbers as well such as “Rage” and “Sex, Drugs & Violence” while only four songs off the new album appeared on the fourteen song setlist. The encore closed with “About That Life” the title track off their 2013 release which mocks the materialistic persona that consumes the mainstream media.

Maybe I'm old but I'd compare Attila to a newage Limp Bizkit – raunchy lyrics and no remorse for anyone they may offend. While it's not everyone's cup of tea, the new generation of deathcore kids are eating it up – and I don't blame them. Attila is great at what they do, and they are incredibly entertaining live. The guys are constantly moving, constantly amping up the crowd, and thriving off the energy in the room. The fans are loyal and the band are pure entertainers. If you were ever a rap metal kid, give these guys a shot, they just may bring you back to your roots and you might find yourself crowd surfing at an Atilla show while chanting “suck my fuck” before you know it.


1. Public Apology 2. Callout 3. Shots for the Boyz 4. Rage 5. Bulletproof 6. Party with the Devil 7. Middle Fingers Up 8. Payback 9. Sex, Drugs & Violence 10. Break Shit 11. Ignite 12. Proving Grounds

Encore: Let's Get Abducted About That Life

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