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  • Dawn Phillips

Pancakes & Chill at The Ottobar

Stacked like Pancakes hosted a Pancakes and Chill event Saturday at the Ottobar off North Howard St in Baltimore, why? Because who doesn’t love pancakes, especially when they’re STACKED, dripping with syrup!

Straight out of Baltimore is a brass rock band Stacked Like Pancakes! SLP, why the name? Well, there doesn’t seem to be a true meaning behind their name, but I can see why they chose the name SLP. Imagine it - Sunday morning a plate full of freshly STACKED pancakes, that stack doesn’t seem complete until you add that syrup! And there you have a quirky fun band name that works! I bet you’re wondering who’s the stacked and who’s the syrup??That’s easy, "Stacked" is comprised of Kellen, Michael, Will and Kevin, "Syrup" is comprised of Zach, Alec and Andy! On stage they’re stacked like no bodies business, erupting into this melodic wave while the brass flows as smooth as syrup on hot pancakes!

The Pancakes and Chill event was an event of all events, despite the sleet and snow! Like seriously, how many times has your favorite band cooked pancakes for you before taking the stage? SLP may do this again in the future, but won’t be serving pancakes at every show, this was a special event! Kellen took some time to gather everyone around to take a “pancakes and chill” selfie, while Alec and Will steadily made those pancakes!

Still not sure who SLP is? Meet the band: Kellen Mckay lead vocals, guitar, keyboards and songwriter, Zach Foote bass trombone, Alec Leventis trumpet, Michael Busch lead guitar, Andy Dawson trombone, Kevin Goren drums, Will Lopez bass guitar and backup vocals! 2008 marked their very first show as a band, a Battle of the Bandsevent. From there in 2010 SLP had their first show at a concert venue at the Recher Theatre, which brought out 150+ concert goers! 2011 marked some big accomplishments for a newly formed band, which included opening for The Pietasters at Recher Theatre, opening for The Toasters at The Ottobar, and a CD release show for “We’re Not Insane” which released on Itunes; they also had their first headlining show at The Sidebar as well as launching their website!

SLP is a fun, energetic and highly entertaining band that kept the crowd on their toes wanting more from start to finish. The crowd was pumped; they were moshing, dancing and singing with every song played! The highlight of the evening was when Kellen jumped down into the crowd making his way to the center of the main room. Here you could see the excitement as well as the overwhelming feeling that SLP fans adore their band 100%! Kellen was greeted on the main floor and a circle formed around him as he sang; concert goers went insane as Kellen high-fived as many in the crowd as he could. To experience the out pouring of love this community has for this band was incredible to witness. Kellen is one hellava showman and has formed a perfectly choreographed brass rock band that is a must see!

The band played an extensive set list which included:

Keep your head up, how can you not sing along to this song??

SFDD (end dm)

Dangerous Beginnings

Pimp for a day


It’s too late

Mr. Sane



Sharks in the sky

Brown leather shoes


Laughing at me

Dammit (DI)

All the small things

Suburban superhero

After exiting the stage the crowd wasn’t having it, they wanted more, the chant started: 45,45,45,45,45,45,45,45,45,45,45….

The band slowly appeared as Kellen was saying “Oh so you’ve heard our song 45?” The crowd erupted and went insane.

45 is the first content released by SLP in two years and is an extremely critical tribute to President Trump’s global impact on the general public’s morale over the past year. Released on the anniversary of the 2016 election, “45” raises an optimistic call to action to those who long for a better present and future.

What future plans does SLP have?? A spring tour (April 5-29) get your tickets now!

Support by Mark Mikina and The Stolen

Mark Mikina is an alternative pop band containing only 2 band members - Mark and David. Mark plays guitar and bass while also producing, while David is predominately a drummer but also plays guitar and piano.

Mark and David have been playing together since 2011, they were in a band called Storm the Beaches, an alternative pop rock band. Mark and David have admired bands like TREOS, Angels and Airwaves, Ryan Adams and The Starting Line. As of right now they have nothing schedule as far as touring. They are currently focusing on new music, once done they will be booking as many shows as possible! Keep your eye out for them, they are definitely worth seeing live as their acoustic abilities are second to none, definitely a must see!


Raining in Manhattan

Desperate Man

That’s what you do

Coming back

Set me free


Sad songs for happy people

The Stolen is an alternative rock band out of New Jersey, their sound is more of late 80’s new wave rock blended with modern indie pop. Since forming, the band has provided direct support for bands like Neon Trees and The All American Rejects. The Stolen has made appearances at festivals like Vans Warped Tour, South By So What and Skate and Surf. In 2016, the band released their EP “I’m So Dead” which gained attraction of many including MTV. In May 2017, The Stolen put out their newest released titled “Fragile heart” which includes “Euphoric” and “West Coast”. You can check out the video of "West Coast" here.

The band is comprised of Dom Cuce (vocals and guitar), Kevin Smart (bass), Rob Chiarappa (guitar and vocals), and Mike Chiarappa (drums).

You can catch The Stolen at these locations in February!

Feb 22 Masquerade ATL

Feb 23 The East Room Nashville

Feb 24 Fubar St Louis

Feb 25 The Riot Room Kansas City

Feb 27 Marquis Theatre Denver

Feb 28 The Loading Dock Salt Lake City

Pancakes & Chill

Stacked Like Pancakes

Mark Mikina